I find my soul in October

For three years now I participate in Inktober challenge, to draw every day with ink for the whole month of October. When I go through years, I find my drawings are changing in a very profound way. I love to express myself by drawing, I find my passion there, and It took me a very long time and struggle to just find my way on that, and drawing to me is the language that I can't talk, because sometimes I find talking is too hard.

What makes me stop drawing! I can't find what I need to say. I close my sketchbook and feel very disappointed, sad and overwhelmed. But there's no escape. I get back every time to find the courage. Yes, it's all about courage.

What I find interesting in Inktober that it's about words, it's about creating a meaning, narrative and tell the whole story from just one word. This relationship between words and illustration finds its way to my heart, I want to write this story but I don't find words, so I draw. But I still try to find the words.

Every time I get back to draw I find my soul again. Inktober helps me to find a very little time through the day, to open my sketchbook and start drawing in a very intuitive and impulsive way, and I find this very challenging and interesting if I think, that it's the same way that I want to express myself in the real life.