Hey, I'm Omneia Naguib, enthusiastic and self-motivated, graphic designer and visual artist, with years of experience in digital advertising and social media. discover the ultimate potential of social media platforms, plans and strategies. And turn it to a real and engaging visual content that speaks the target audience’s language, based on local trends and universal passions.

I also have participated in some workshops and showed my artworks in some exhibitions at Cairo as a Visual Artist; who works in a variety of media between collage, drawing and photography. By parodying and exaggerating certain formal aspects inherent to our contemporary society in contact with living elements. While commenting on the everyday aesthetics and values, my works can be seen as self-portraits that reveal how I'm connecting to this values and what surrounds me. I focus on the feelings and emotions of the human being and the relationship between body and mind, in the context of space as private and public space, what's personal and impersonal, applying different rules and narratives.

Want to work together? Let me know! Omneia.na@gmail.com


For further details and info check out my CV